Samsung Lauches SH-S182D 18x DVD Writer

Samsung today announced the launch of new WriteMaster SH-S182D DVD drive which can write to DVD+/-R media at a blazing 18X speed. Previous fastest DVD writers available were able to write up to 16X speeds.

samsung-shs182d-dvd-writerThe Samsung SH-S182D DVD writer can write to DVD+/-R with 18X, DVD-RAM with 12X, DVD+/-R Double Layer with 8X, DVD+RW with 8X and DVD-RW with 6X making it the world’s fastest DVD+/-R and DVD-RAM writer in the current market.

The SH-S182D can also write to Dual Layer and DVD-RAM media, largely promoted by Panasonic which pioneer the technology. Since it was not globally accepted standard, few home DVD players support DVD-RAM media outside of the Panasonic product ranges.

Samsung SH-S182D DVD Writer is able to write on Double Layer DVD, which consists with 2 writable layers. Which means users can write up to 8.5GB data on a single media.

According to Samsung the new 18X WriteMaster SH-S182D DVD writer/burner is able to burn 4.7 GB of data on a DVD+/-R media disk in about 4 minutes and 48 seconds, nearly one minute faster than the current 16x DVD writers. The SH-S182D takes less than 17 minutes to burn a 4.7 GB data on to a DVD media in DVD-RAM format.

The new Samsung 18X WriteMaster SH-S182D DVD writer uses multiple technologies to achieve its faster performance. A Weight Balancing System has been designed to help maximize performance and lower the volume clatter when recording or reading at top speeds; Speed Adjustment Technology is employed to match the speed funtionality of the media itself; Tilt Actuator Compensation technology (TAC) and Double Optimum Power Control systems are used to balance the laser power on the sides of the disc for better writing performance.

The Samsung 18X WriteMaster SH-S182D DVD writer comes bundled with free software to enable users create music-, video-, photo- and data-discs easily. And included with the drive is Samsung’s Firmware LiveUpdate program which helps the user download automatic firmware updates.

Samsung also said that the new 18X WriteMaster SH-S182D DVD writer will also be available in internal and external models with LightScribe function. Besides the DVD writer is claimed to be eco-friendly and RoHS compliant.

Samsung 18X WriteMaster SH-S182D DVD writer features

  • Writing Speed:
    DVD+/-R with 18X;
    DVD-RAM with 12X;
    DVD+/-R Double Layer with 8X;
    DVD+RW with 8X;
    DVD-RW with 6X
  • Supported Disks:
    CD-Audio, Video-CD, CD-I(FMV), Photo CD, CD-Extra, CD-TEXT
  • Burst Transfer Rate:
    PIO Mode 4 (16.6MB/sec)
    Ultra DMA Mode 2 (33.3MB/sec)
  • Interface: EIDE/ATAPI
  • Buffer Memory: 2 MB
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) – 148.2mm x 42mm x 170mm
  • Weight – 0.75Kg

The Samsung 18X WriteMaster SH-S182D DVD writer is already available in India for the price of Rs. 4,700/- which includes warranty.

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