MSI P610 Digital MP3 Player

MSI has launched a new lightweight and stylish digital MP3 Players, the P610, featuring flash based storage space and is equipped with JPEG photo playback and a FM radio.

msi-p610Weighing under 45 grams and measuring 9 cm x 4 cm, the MSI P610 portable digital MP3 player is lighter than the total weight of two AAA batteries. Besides playing MP3 music (MP3, WMA, WMA DRM formats), as well as video in M-JPEG .MOV or .AVI formats and smaller 320×240 pixels video. The MSI P610 digital music player also allows viewing of JPG pictures on its 46mm (1.8-inch) TFT LCD screens with a resolution of 128×160 pixels.

MSI P610 MP3 player comes with flash memory with options ranging from 512-MB to maximum 2-GB storage space and also allows M-JPEG video playback. In addition, it sports a built-in FM radio tuner and comes with USB connectivity for easy data exchange.

Micro Star International (MSI), better known as motherboard manufacturers explained that during the development of P610, MSI engineers optimized the sensibility of the keys according to human engineering which now allows users to operate P610 fluently with moderate pressure on those keys without oversensing or delay in response. In addition, the area of each key matches with the pressing area of a finger to ease the key-pressing operation with single finger, allowing you to do every operation just in one finger.

The MSI P610 digital MP3 player sports a re-chargeable Lithium ion battery that can be charged by connecting to a computer through a USB port, and is said to be operational for 14 hours after every charge.

There are two data transfer modes available with the P610 namely, viz. MTP and MSC. The Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) mode is currently most popular method used to sync music files by Media Player 10. On the other hand Mass Storage Class (MSC) mode allows the player to be recognized as a removable drive by most popular operating systems enabling drag and drop contents like files between it and host. MSI P610 digital MP3 player is equipped with USB 2.0 port for connecting to a computer allowing upto 480 Mbps data transfer.

The ultraportable MSI P610 is also equipped with built-in microphone to enable directly record upto 90 hours of voice recording and can also work as standalone USB mass storage pen drive for strong all sorts of data files.

MSI P610 Digital Music Player Features

  • MP3, Audio and Video Player
  • Music formats: MP3, WMA, WMA DRM
  • Picture formats: JPEG format
  • Video support: M-JPEG
  • 46 mm / 1.8-inch – 128 x 160 pixel LCD TFT display
  • FM Radion builtin with Optional recording facility
  • Li-Ion battery with 14 hours backup
  • Built-in Microphone for direct recording
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • USB based battery recharging
  • USB mass storage drive
  • Dimension: 9 cm x 4 cm
  • Weight: 45 grams

The MSI P610 digital MP3 player is available in India at the price of Rs. 6,400 with one year warranty.

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