Sony Ericsson Launches J100i, J220 And J230 Mobile Phones

Sony Ericsson has recently introduced in India 3 new J-series low lost entry-level mobiles phones, J100i, J220 and J230 which uses Stamina battries delivering extra long talk time and extended stand-by time.

sony-ericsson-j100i-mobile-phoneAccording to company, the Stamina Battery powering the new Sony Ericsson J-series phones offers longer talktime of upto 8 hours and can provide upto 300 hours of stand-by time which are all equipped with 128 x 128 pixels 65K color screen.

The new Sony Ericssons J100i mobile phone for GSM network is is the smallest phone in the whole Sony Ericsson range with an 65K colour display.

The Sony Ericsson J220 mobile phone is a stick phone with emphasis on ease of use and has a simplified one-click menu access.

The J230 mobile phone offers an built-in FM radio receiver which gets activated with the click of one button from the navigation key. The Sony Ericsson J230 handset also comes equipped with a stereo handsfree to enhance the user experience in addition to a speakerphone at the back of the phone.

Speaking on the launch Sudhin Mathur, general manager, Sony Ericsson India, said, “Sony Ericsson is aiming at offering easy communication experience to first-time users. With the new J series, we are focusing on the basic cell phone user who is looking for a phone that offers him specific product benefits. Each handset is firmly focused on making voice and text communications as easy as possible with the use of features such as one click navigation, single icon menus and colour screens. These new phones will appeal to consumers looking for reliable, affordable and simple to use handsets with great design from a trusted brand.”

The entry-level Sony Ericsson J100i mobile phone is available in India for the price of Rs. 2,999/- while J220 mobile phone is priced at Rs 3,745/- and the J230 at Rs 4,295/- with one year warranty.

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