Linspire Launches Mini Koobox With Linux OS

Linspire has introduced Linspire ‘Mini Koobox’, a tiny form-factor Linux machine powered by Linux operating system. The ‘Mini Koobox’ Linux desktop computer comes pre-installed with full Office suite and multimedia software.

koobox-mini-linspire-desktop-pcMeasuring just 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches and weighing 1.5 kgs, the Mini Koobox desktop system features a brushed matte-platinum case with clear blue plastic accents. All connections and ports, which includes including two USB 2.0 ports, one IEEE 1394 port (Firewire), speaker-out, S-video, and mic, are located in the rear side of the Koobox system box,

The Lispire KooBox desktop system also sports a DVI monitor interface connector, and comes with a DVI-to-VGA adapter so that it can be connected to plasma-display or large-format monitors.

The basic Mini Koobox desktop model is based on an Intel platform built by AOpen and is powered by a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron M 370 processor and Intel 915 chipset, and it comes with 256 MB DDR2 RAM and a 40 GB hard drive, plus an integrated Ethernet card. The system also features a slim CDRW/DVD combo drive and is equipped with DVD-playing software.

The Mini Koobox comes with the Linspire Linux 5.1 operating system, using a 2.6.14 kernel. The application package includes:

  • Full Microsoft file-compatible Office suite
  • Choice of KDE or GNOME desktops
  • 2.0, GNOME Office, or KOffice 1.4.2
  • AmaroK 1.3.8
  • GIMP 2.2.10
  • Firefox
  • Evolution 2.4.2 email client
  • GAIM 1.5.0 instant messager
  • DVD player and DVD-playing software

“Buying a low-priced Linux machine usually means you’ll have to sacrifice on style and select from a limited supply,” Lispire CEO Carmony added. “We developed the Mini Koobox with Mirus and AOpen because we know there is high consumer demand for ultra-compact home computers that not only look great and perform well, but also don’t cost a fortune.”

Also available are the upgraded versions of the Mini Koobox desktop models which including a model with Intel Celeron M 370 processor, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hard drive, and a CDRW/DVD combo drive. Another model includes an Intel Pentium M 725 1.6 Ghz processor.

All Mini Koobox units come with a 15-day free subscription to Linspire’s CNR software download service, apart from keyboard, mouse and speakers and is currently only available in USA for under $399 price.

Visit for more details about Linspire Mini KooBox.

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