Sony Launched VAIO VGN-AR18 With Blue-Ray Disk

sony-vaio-vgn-ar18Sony India today announced the lauch of its new VAIO brand notebook PC in India, VAIO VGN-AR18 with embedded Blu-ray optical disk drive and 17-inch widescreen LCD display. Sony claims that VAIO VGN-AR18 is world’s first notebook with Blu-ray technology.

Blu-ray is similar to the compact disc (CD), but can store 50GB of data compared to the CD’s 700MB. Blu-ray is also superior to the DVD, which allow storage of nearly 2 to 4 hours of high-definition (HD) audio-visual content or upto 50 GB of data on a single Blu-ray disk. Blu-Ray technology has been in the news for quite a while now with many storage hardware firms showing active interest for adopting the new disc format.

Equipped with state-of-art RAID technology for faster and easier hard disk access, the Sony VAIO VGN-AR18 is powered by Intel Core Duo Processor (2.16 GHz) and has two 80-GB hard drive with RAID interface (160-GB hard disk storage space) with 1024-MB (1GB) RAM and is available in a premium black stylish body with gloss paint over the display cabinet using the VAIO mirror logo outside and the illuminating logo inside.

The new Sony VAIO VGN-AR18 notebook PC also provides advanced functionality for today’s graphics-intensive business applications and high-quality multimedia and digital entertainment, company added. VAIO VGN-AR18 includes a faster graphics core and a 17-inch dual lamp ‘Clear Bright’ LCD TFT display.

The VGN-AR18 also supports HD1080 format, not only with integrated WUXGA 17-inch LCD display (1920×1200 pixles), but also with HDMI connections for various HD supported products.

Sound and Display

Sony VAIO VGN-AR18 has two vertically placed slim lamps in the screen and strategically placed speakers under the LCD screen for a clearer viewing and enhanced multimedia listening experience. The embedded Sound Reality Technology helps reduce the noise while the digital output technology allows exporting voice with 5.1 Channel.

VAIO VGN-AR18 has integrated Bluetooth connectivity and also has a built-in Motion Eye web camera.

The Sony VAIO VGN-AR18 features

  • Intel Core Duo Processor (2.16 GHz)
  • Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT graphics processor
  • 17-inch widescreen Clear Bright WUXGA LCD display
  • HDMI connections for various HD supported products
  • 160-GB hard disk storage (80-GB x 2)
  • 1024-MB (1-GB) RAM
  • Built-in Motion Eye Web camera
  • 5.1 channel audio
  • Blu-ray drive – 50-GB data capacity
  • Bluetooth enabled

Blue-ray Disk powered Sony VAIO VGN-AR18 is available across India at the premium price of Rs. 1,99,990/-. More details:

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