Kingston FB-DIMM Memory

Kingston Technology has earlier this month announced expansion its Fully Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) memory modules with the inclusion of new DDR2 667-MHz speeds to support Intel-based servers and workstation PCs.

fb-dimmThe Kingston FB-DIMM memory modules are to be used alongside new dual-core Intel Xeon processor-based servers and Intel 5000 series chipsets / motherboards.

The Fully Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) memory modules are high-speed, high-density memory solution for high powered workstations and server platforms which offer memory flexibility and more expansion options.

These modules conforms to the JEDEC standards and the memory architecture allows up to six memory channels – each channel supporting up to eight dual-rank memory modules and allowing two channels to read and write in concurrent transactions at the same time.

According to Kingston, the company has developed a special boards and test-programs specifically for conducting parametric and characterisation testing on high-end Agilent testers to ensure that FB-DIMMs are functional and comply with strict JEDEC specifications.

Tawny Phan, sales director – APAC business division, Kingston, said, “Using Kingston’s FB-DIMM technology on Intel’s high-end servers, results in improved scalability, flexibility, and higher capacity, while the same new technology increases speed and performance.”

Kingston FB-DIMM Features and Specifications:

  • Tested at 667 MHz for optimal performance
  • 1.8 Volts operation
  • Operational enhancements to increase memory performance, efficiency and timing margins
  • Latency timings: 5-5-5

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