Datamini Festiva MG Series Desktop

GES Technologies has unveiled its Datamini Festiva MG Series of desktop computers powered with new Dual Core Intel Pentium D processor, in India.

The Datamini Festiva MG series of desktops for indian market are powered by Intel Pentium D 805 processor with 2-MB L2 cache, 2.66 MHz FSB, and comes with CD writer and standard 38.1-cms (15 inch) color monitor.

Company claims that with the use of the new generation Intel Pentium dual core processor, the Datamini Feativa MG series of desktop PCs are so powerful that background applications and network activities which once used to hog the system and network resources and pull system’s overall performance down, has now virtually becomes non-existent.

Datamini Festiva MG series seems to integrates seamlessly with the entares server series in the network environment. Communicating with all clients in the network environment, the company boasts a host of unprecedented features which includes remote system wake-up and shutdown during off-hours for maintenance, remote new systems set-up and applications download with microsoft windows xp suite of operating systems and fast auto-switching of system state for power optimization.

Datamini Festiva MG Series desktop PC features

  • Dual Core Pentium D 805 Processor
  • 2-MB L2 cache, 2.66 GHz, 533 MHz FSB
  • 256 MB DDR 400 MHz RAM
  • 60-GB SATA Hard drive
  • Intel ATI Radeon Xpress-200M chipset
  • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN card
  • Integrated Intel Audio
  • Integrated ATI Radeon X300 based graphics
  • CD writer
  • Datamini 104-Keyboard with Palm Rest & Multimedia Hot Keys
  • Optical Mouse

The Datamini Festiva MG Series of desktop PCs with Pentium D processor are prices starting at Rs. 21,600 (excluding taxes and duties) and are available with standard one year warranty all across India.

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