Logitech Cordless Keyboard S530 for Apple Mac Desktops

Logitech recently released their latest keyboard for Desktop Apple Mac computers. Designed specifically for your Mac, the Cordless Desktop S530 Laser includes a comfortable ultra-flat keyboard and a high-performance laser mouse.

logitech-cordless-mouse-s530-macThe set consists of a sleek, ultra-flat full keyboard and a laser optical mouse with five programmable buttons. The keyboard features two unique narrow panels one either side of of it, with 15 additional keys that make it easy to launch various applications on one-click.

As compared to Apple’s might mouse, the new Logitech cordless keyboard S530 is certainly more comfortable to use as well as offering more options.

The direct-access-keys on the Cordless Desktop S530 keyboard can be easily reprogrammed with the included software and have been specifically designed to work with iTunes and iPhoto, giving users instant access to their music and photos. Dedicated keys launch Safari, Mail, Spotlight, or any other application with a single press. And all direct-access keys can be easily reprogrammed with the included software.

In addition, the mouse in S530 features an innovative Logitech Tilt Wheel which lets user scroll pages top-to-bottom or side-to-side. Five re-programmable buttons let user control volume and web browser back and forward without taking your hand off the mouse.

The Logitech cordless S530 keyboard+mouse which company claims to have battery life of up to six months is priced in India for Rs. 6,995/-.

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