Genius Unveils TVGo A11 And TVGo A03 TV Tuner Products

Genius, a Taiwan based leading computer peripheral manufacturer announced the launch of their new TV tuner products in India, Genius TVGo A11 and Genius TVGo A03 for desktop and notebook PCs.

Genius TVGo A11 – PCI TV Tuner Card

tvgo-a11Genius TVGo A11 is a standard PCI TV tuner card for desktop PCs which turns PC into a colorful TV set. It allows reception of cable TV or listen to FM radio on PC.

Genius ‘TVGo A11′ supports analog TV and it comes with remote control, audio cable, AV input cable, IR receiving cable and FM cable.

Genus TVGo A11 features includes upto 16-channel preview, FM radio listening, real-time and schedule recording in MPEG-1/2/4 format. It also allows video capturing and still image capture. TVGo A11 also allows connection to VCR or Video Camera. Time shifting and schedule recording are the key features of Genius TVGo A11 and its fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

Sandeep Ramani, country manager, KYE Systems (India) Corp. said: “We are highly ecstatic to be a part of technology revolution that is sweeping the whole country and with the launch of Genius ‘TVGo A11 with Win XP Media Centre Compatibility’, we are sure to create a new niche for ourselves in this line of business.”

Genius TVGo A03 USB TV Tuner

tvgo-a03Genius introduces its new TVGo A03, a true USB2.0 all-in-one TV tuner that supports NTSC/PAL/SECAM systems and is a mini analog TV tuner, designed especially for Notebook users.

It also has an AV (Video & Audio) input connector, so one can convert V8, DV, and VCD video stream to your PC. The software supports the snapshot function; as well as recording clips to create a personal e-album.

Genius TVGo A03 is a super mini TV Box in pen driver type that allows watching TV on Desktop/Notebook. It also has several unique features like Real-time recording in MPEG-1/2/4 format, recording TV program in sleeping mode and supporting snapshot function too. In addition, Genius TVGo A03 can transfer and save full screen or full motion videos captured from a video recorder, video camera, camera or other video sources onto a hard disk, or create it on a VCD through professional re-write software.

“The concept of viewing TV on PC is aggressively catching up in the country and Genius TVGo A03 a highly comfortable way for watching television on the PC especially notebooks. We want to be part of this fast expanding market”, as per Sandeep Ramani.

Genius TVGo A11 is priced at Rs. 3,500/- while Genius TVGo A03 is available at Rs. 6,000/- at all the authorized distributor of Genius products in India.

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