Seagate Unveils 10 New Data Storage Products In India

Seagate Technology has today launched 10 new hard drives and data storage solutions for the entertainment, consumer electronics and computing segments. According to company, all the new products have been designed to support the growing demand for digital content in a on-demand world.

seagate-st1 3 144x134According to Seagate, many of these new data storage products leverage Seagate’s perpendicular recording technology, include 1.8-inch, 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives with up to 750GB of capacity for consumer electronics, notebook and desktop PC and enterprise applications.

The company also introduced a 2.5-inch notebook drive that combines rotating disc and flash memory, and added Macintosh support to its next generation Mirra personal server.

The Seagate also came up with a new Savvio enterprise drive with low power requirements and unprecedented reliability. The list of offerings also included an 8-GB pocket drive.

“More digital content is being delivered to a broader range of consumers than ever before. What’s more, the on-demand phenomenon crosses all market segments, driving an extraordinary increase and diversification in the need for solutions that help people create, store, share, and protect digital content everywhere — whether in the home, hand, the car or the office,” said Bill Watkins, president and CEO of Seagate.

Company explained that enhanced storage capacities, faster processing and growing popularity of high speed broadband and wireless connectivity have created an environment in which users are demanding a wide range of devices to deliver anywhere, anytime access to their music, movies, photos, data and other digital content and these new hard drives and data storage solutions have been designed to cater such growing needs of consumers.

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