ZyXEL P-320W 802.11g Wireless Firewall Router

Zyxel Communications Corp., a global DSL router provider, recently launched its new P-320W Firewall Router featuring 4-port switch with 802.11g Access Point, designed for SOHO and small business network users looking for secure and cost effective wireless internet access over LAN shared environment.

zyxel-p320wThe new Zyxel P-320W wirelsss firewall router has comprehensive wired/wireless security mechanism and features a hassle-free user interface besides being a very cost-effective choice for home users seeking secure Internet connectivity.

Zyxel P-320W wireless router comes with 64/128-bit WEP key, WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) encryption and authentication schemes. The 64/128-bit WEP key, WPA and 802.1X WiFi encryption and authentication schemes also ensure stringent wireless security that protects personal or private information on home networks by blocking unauthorized or unknown users from sharing internet connection.

ZyXEL P-320W wireless wouter features a 4-port switch that facilitates shared Internet access using built-in IEEE 802.11g ‘Access Point’. With SPI firewall, the P-320W secures home or SOHO computers connected to the Internet preventing all unwanted intrusions from outside.

According to Zyxel Communications Corp., “In response to prevalent network threats, Zyxel P-320W sports powerful SPI firewall and 4-port switch for secure internet surfing and broadband sharing; and it allows VPN pass-through to provide safe access to internet. In addition, the built-in IEEE 802.11g Access Point offers wireless connectivity to users with roaming devices.”

On Zyxel P-320W wireless router, setting up the wireless security is made easy, thanks to the Zyxel-exclusive OTIST (‘One-Touch’ Intelligent Security Technology) design which activates data encryption between Zyxel P-320W and OTIST-capable wireless cards by a simply press of a button on the firewall enabled wireless router.

Zyxel P-320W Firewall Wireless Router comes with built-in 1 MB Flash and 2 MB DRAM memory and is available all over India at Rs. 3,700 (plus local tax) with one year warranty.

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