Asus J206 iPod Style Music Phone

Asus, the motherboard major has introduced, J206, a mobile phone which features full portable music playback including MP3/AAC/WAV music file format support.

asus-j206-music-phoneAsus J206 is capable of 12 hours of playback time, has 60 MB of internal memory, and a microSD slot which allows up to 2 GB memory expansion for more music on the phone.

The Asus J206 seems to be so heavily inspired by iPod design that it has the iPod click-wheel interface almost copied, right down to the icons and placement.

The sensor under the touch pad detect heat from your hand and then the phone will determine the action. This type of the design is nice since it give you all the music player control you need. Plus it enables scrolling the music playlist simply by moving hand on the touch pad.

Asus J206 is of just about same size as that of Nokia N91 music phone and has slider phone design. With USB connectivity and a headphone jack built right in. Bundled with the phone is “Music Manager”, an iTunes like music syncing program, it looks like clear substitute of expensive iPod.

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