Wireless LAN Enabled HP Pavilion m7382IN In India

Hewlett-Packard India, in its HP Pavilion Media Center PCs series, introduced in March 2006 the new HP Pavilion m7382IN model featuring Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g, a standard for wireless data transfer) for India market.


Being wireless LAN enabled, the HP Pavilion m7382IN PC can share a single Internet connection with other wireless enabled devices and PCs in the home and can also be connected wirelessly with home entertainment devices for digital convergence.

HP Pavilion m7382IN desktop is powered by the Intel Pentium D dual core processor and offers impressive processing speed.

According to HP, a TV-tuner card with a remote control and Creative speakers with sub-woofer, which comes with this desktop will help transform the digital experience for users, allowing them to watch movies and play songs in theatre-quality sound and will also enhance the gaming experience for avid gamers.

Enhanced with Avivo technology, the new HP Pavilion m7382IN Media Center PC, can be connected wirelessly with your home entertainment devices for digital convergence. Avivo technology creates vibrant colors, ultra sharp images, true-to-life image reproduction and the smoothest High Definition video playback ever offered by a PC.

These new desktops are also enabled with HP’s unique LightScribe technology that allow users to burn data and laser etch silk-screen quality labels on their CDs in one go.


Hewlett Packard India explains that they are targeting these ultimate machines to the cool & hip teenage population of India. This product is expected to appeal to them in terms of aesthetics as well the unique features such as LightScribe & Personal Media Drive.

The HP Pavilion PC series is ideal for digital media enthusiasts and consumers who want to use their PC for added entertainment. The slim and stylish PC has a flashy silver look and is equipped with monster capacity hard drive, providing for a luxurious amount of storage space for recording and storing TV shows, personal home videos, movies, digital photographs, as well as music files. A door hides and provides an additional storage space, home to an optional and removable HP Personal Media Drive.

HP Pavilion m7382IN Media Center PC, is available across all HP Experience Zones in the country at starting price of Rs 34,990 which includes one year warranty.

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