Download – POP Peeper 2.4.3

POP Peeper is a small utility that runs in your Windows system tray. It visually and audibly lets you know if you have email on any number of POP3 servers as well as Hotmail, Yahoo,, Myway, Excite, Lycos and Rediffmail.

It allows you to preview the headers of your email, and view the messages. There is also support for file attachments, which allows you to view the name of the files. If you are checking multiple accounts, you can specify a custom color for each, making it easy to distinguish the messages. Message preview is quick and fully supports HTML messages.

Using POP Peeper, you can quickly scan what messages are important enough to read, and which ones you want to delete without even opening your email client. A great little tool that works fast and efficient.

POP Peeper Features

  • Easy Setup – accounts are imported from your existing email client(s)
  • Supports POP3, SMTP, GMail, Hotmail\MSN, Yahoo,, MyWay, Excite,, RediffMail
  • Read and delete email without opening your email client
  • Send Mail using SMTP or WebMail
  • HTML Email Support
  • Password Protection
  • Options to protect you from messages that contain viruses and web bugs
  • Send, Save and Open file attachments
  • Unlimited accounts – notifies you of an unlimited number of accounts

Publisher – Mortal Universe
Version – 2.4.3 – updated Jan 28, 2006
License Freeware

818 KB | Windows (All) | Download | Freeware

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