Opera Mobile 8.60 Browser for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC

Opera has recently released its Opera Mobile 8.60 browser software for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC providing users the full Internet experience on wide screen mobile phones running windows software.

opera-86-mobileOpera Mobile 8.6 for takes full advantage of the larger screen and higher resolution of PPC devices by offering tabbed browsing and surfing in horizontal landscape mode. The browser is based on Opera’s newest core code and runs on Windows Mobile 5 and 2003 SE, for now.

With Opera on your Pocket PC, you can surf the same Web sites as you do on your personal computer. The Opera 8.60 mobile Web browser for Windows Mobile is designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind.

Opera says that the browser runs on both Windows Mobile 5 and 2003 SE and a version of Opera Mobile for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones will be available shortly.

“Until now, Web browsing options on Pocket PCs have been decidedly limited, says Paul O’Brien, founder of MoDaCo.com – one of the world’s largest Windows Mobile communities.

“Opera Mobile for Pocket PC finally brings browsing speed, security and usability closer to a desktop experience. For owners of Internet connected Pocket PC devices, Opera is a must-have,” he added.

Opera Mobile 8.60 browser features

* Small Screen rendering
* Tabbed browsing
* Zoom
* Download
* Navigation and history
* Bookmarks
* Landscape/Portrait Mode
* Full screen/ Fit to screen
* Pop-up handler
* Pad-lock icon on secure sites
* User preferences
* Context menu
* Web address auto complete
* Single column display

Opera Mobile for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC is available from www.opera.com/mobile for both WM 2003 and WM 5.0. It can be downloaded from Opera website.

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