Intel Launches Dual-Core Xeon 5100 Series Processor

Intel has introduced its next generation dual-core processor, the Intel Xeon processor 5100 series, for dual-processor (DP) servers and workstations based upon its energy efficient, Intel Core microarchitecture.

intel-dual-codeIntel claims that the new processor delivers up to 125% performance improvement over previous generation dual-core Intel Xeon processors and up to 60% performance improvement over competing AMD brand of x86-based architectures.

Based on Intel’s 65nm process, the Intel 5100 series processor is fitted with fully-buffered dual in-line memory (FB-DIMM) technology, Intel virtualisation technology, Active Server Manager to integrate hardware, software and firmware, and I/O acceleration technology to improve application response time, server I/O performance and reliability. Every chip contains 4MB of L2 cache shared by the two cores. The chips will use Intel’s LGA-771 interconnect.

The Intel Xeon 5100 features better power management, a multi-core optimised cache and Smart Memory Access, which improves the flow of data from memory through a process called ‘memory disambiguation’. It increases the efficiency of out-of-order processing by enabling the execution cores to intelligently guess which data to load for instructions that are about to execute before all previous store instructions are completed.

As compared to Intel chipset based on the DDR2-400 memory, Intel Xenon 5100 can deliver upto 300% higher memory bandwidth and four times higher RAM capacity.

Intel 5100 chipset support next-generation FB DIMM technology that significantly improves memory throughput and increases capacity for a more responsive system. FB DIMMs are ideal for servers and high-end workstations where performance is crucial to meet business and technical computing objectives.

Company also announced that it would be launching new server platform, codenamed ‘Bensley’ and workstation platform codenamed ‘Glidewell’ in this month which feature the dual-core Xeon processor 5000 series, giving the benefits of 64-bit, dual-core computing and upto 3 times performance/watt to the end user.

Integrated Intel Technologies

The Intel Xenon 5100 integrate Intel technologies like Hyper-Threading, enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology, Active Server Manager-using Intel 6321 ESB I/O Controller Hub and Intel Matrix Storage Technology to support new dual-processor platforms that are more responsive, energy efficient, robust and far more reliable.

Systems based on Intel Xenon 5100 are available from HP (the Proliant ML 370 G5), Dell (the PowerEdge 2950) and IBM (the System x3650).

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