Haier Launches CDMA and GSM Mobile Phones Handsets

Haier, a Chinese electronic consumer products maker, has announced its entry into the Indian mobile handset market with the launch of its CDMA range of mobile handsets in India in association with Tata Teleservices along with the launch of several GSM and CDMA mobile phone handsets priced, starting from Rs 2000 a piece.

haier-v6200-mobile-phoneHaier also declared its intent for setting up a mobile phone handset manufacturing unit in India in the next 18-24 months to address the target of selling five million mobile phone handsets in India over the next two years.

Company has also introduced a new range of both CDMA and GSM mobile phones in a price range of Rs 2,000 to Rs 20,000 for indian consumers.

Haier has approached one of the largest GSM operators in India to develop customised packages with Haier’s GSM handset range.

Despite its existing brand recognition in India due to presense of its other white goods business in Indian market, this ambitious Chinese brand will have to compete head on with the likes of Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung, though its aim is not as immodest as to try toppling the leader, Nokia.

Haier’s Group Chairman, Mr Chai Yongsen at the recent product lauch said with the present rate of growth, India was poised to become one of the top two mobile markets in the world by 2008.

“We will bring in new technologies and models at both the entry and top level to make a strong presence in India,” MrYongsen said, adding, the company’s aim was to be among the top brands in the Indian mobile handset market by the end of its first year of operations.

“Our target is to achieve a sales of 5 million handsets in India, in another 18-24 months. If we achieve this target then we would consider setting up a manufacturing unit here in India,” Haier Telecom India Vice-Chairman and Managing Director Arun Khanna told reporters at the lauch in Delhi.

Analysts believes that over the next few years, Haier’s sharp edge may turn out to be the size of its home market in China, which may give it the scale required to sell at breathtakingly low prices. So far, though, its handsets are not much cheaper than what rivals are currently offering.

Company added that the it was also organising a software R&D outfit in India to suit the requirement of the Indian market and meet the emerging needs of the local mobile telephony.

Haier has joined hands with TVS Electronics for customer supports through 250 service centres across India which is expected to get doubled in a year.

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