Wireless Pocket Web Access Gadget Launched By Datawind

Datawind Corp, a Canadian wireless Web access gadget manufacturer, has introduced its new product Pocket-Surfer in India. Pocket-Surfer is a tiny Bluetooth enabled mobile Web access device which Datawind claims to provide the world’s fastest mobile Internet access.

pocketsurferBeing able to connect directly to local wireless GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) network of mobile phone service provider, the Pocket-Surfer provides near desktop or laptop quality web surfing experience to users in their palm without having to connecting to a cellular phone or plugging into a landline modem or routers.

Users now have the power to access the web anywhere at anytime, using the technology they desired based on cost and device needs.

Vice-President of Canada’s Datawind Net Access Corp, Derek Kopke at the launch of this product in India said that the Pocket-Surfer delivers real HTML with full graphics, Java scripts and other modern Web functionality for more than 8 billion pages of content through its VGA-width, 640-pixel LCD screen.

Derek Kopke said, “Users now have the power to access the Web anywhere and anytime, using the technology they desire based on cost and device needs.”

With Pocket-Surfer, one can access stock listing, train and plane schedules, weather, sports, news and entertainment on the go and as one want. The handy gadget would prove to be very useful for share brokers, traveling executives, finance, sales, field services, shopping, chatting and students, company explained.

Pocket-Surfer’s full QWERTY keyboard also makes sending e-mail as easy as with a regular desktop or laptop computer. Besides, Pocket-Surfer downloads webpages 10 to 30 times faster than with typical Wireless Access Protocol (WAP)-enabled cell phones and PDAs.

Pocket-Surfer is mere 170 gms in weight. Its highly portable and measures 6″ x 3″ and is less than 9/16″ in thick. Its equipped with VGA LCD screen, a GPRS network and Bluetooth and would be available in Indian markets for initial price of Rs 9,999.

For more details on PocketSurfer, visit Datawind website.

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