Dell Plan To Introduce AMD Opteron Processors Into High-end Servers

Dell, the world’s number one PC maker, has agreed to use AMD Opteron CPU chips in its high-end servers by the end of 2006. In the same breath, company clarified that the majority of the processor chips it bought would continue to be from Intel, for now.

amd-athlon-x2Marty Seyer, senior vice president of AMD’s commercial business sounded like he could barely contain his enthusiasm after years of being eschewed by Dell. “This is outstanding news, we are just jumping for joy here that Dell has embraced AMD.”

Details were light but news site The Register said that Dell was “expected to use Opteron in four-socket servers“.

Dell’s acceptance of AMD is a huge blow to Intel from a marketing standpoint as it points to some of the weaknesses Intel is still experiencing with these larger servers.

Despite limiting its use to servers, a moderate degree excitement was sparked in one of the IT industry’s classic battles: AMD-versus-Intel.

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