Nokia Unveils E50 – Targeted At Mass Market

Nokia has unveiled a new small mobile phone, the latest in its Nokia E series business range, the Nokia E50, targeted at a mass market of business users in what is seen as its attempt o grab a bigger share of that lucrative segment of the

The new Nokia E50 mobile phone is aimed at both business and leisure use and it comes with pre-installed business applications, an MP3 player, and an optional 1.3 mega pixel camera. It supports corporate mobile e-mail solutions and GSM networks.

The E50, Nokia’s 18th new phone model this year, is expected to begin hitting the stores before the end of June, with volume sales starting in the third quarter, Nokia said.

Not only the new Nokia E50 sports classic Nokia design, the small, sleek, and stylish outlook, it also is also designed for people who want a single phone for both business and leisure use.

For example, the device comes equipped with pre-installed business applications, exceptional voice and calling functionality, and the ability to have two phone numbers in one phone, while lifestyle features include an MP3 player and optionally a 1.3 mega pixel camera all packaged in a discreet glossy metallic case with a touch of color.

“The people who make purchasing decisions often do not care that much about cameras,” Nokia’s Chief Executive Jorma Ollila told a news conference, when showing the phone to Finnish media.

Antti Vasara, senior vice president, Mobile Devices, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia. said “Nokia is committed to helping companies realize the full potential of mobility for a variety of employee needs and by designing our enterprise offering of robust and easy-to-use devices, solutions and services to address the entire spectrum of mobility requirements, we are helping businesses to mobilize and manage the entire employee base.”

Nokia also unveiled its new remote mobile device management software product, for which it won an order from Finnish telecoms operator Elisa earlier this week.

Exceptional voice functions include quadband GSM for calling capability across different regions, high-quality speakerphone, and enhanced voice commands

E50 features:

  • Large memory storage with up to 70MB of built-in memory and support for microSD card
  • Large, high-resolution display for easy viewing of Web pages, images, and documents
  • Fast data connections using EDGE (EGPRS)
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Wide range of applications separately available for S60 software

The software will allow operators to remotely install or update software in mobile phones. It can also remove all data from the phone and memory card if the phone is lost.

The new Nokia E50 is expected to be priced between $390 and $450 .

For more details can be found at Nokia-E50 website.

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