Motorola Launches Bluetooth Headset H5 MINIBLUE

Motorola has introduced the revolutionary Miniblue H5, the smallest, lightest and mosty stylishly designed Bluetooth headset. Company claims that its the world’s first Bluetooth headset with an in-ear design that provides loud and clear audio in noisy enviroments.

moto-h5-miniblueA revolutionary Bluetooth headset designed around the way your body works, the in-ear microphone and speaker of the Motorola H5 MINIBLUE pick up your voice through the ear canal so conversations come in loud and clear even in a very noisy environment.

The H5 Bluetooth headset measuring only 33 mm x 41 mm and these headsets fits perfectly inside your ear for pristine, unobtrusive communication.

Motorola H5 Bluetooth Headset Features

  • Revolutionary technology designed around the way your body works
  • Built-in speaker and microphone routes voices through the ear canal, reducing outside noise
  • Tiny size at only 33 x 41 millimeters
  • Comes with a chic, metal portable charging base
  • Headset up to approximately 1.5 hours of talk time nonstop and system can stay live without recharge for upto approximately 7.5 hours using the included portable charging base.
  • Comptible with any brand of Bluetooth enabled phone that supports headset and handsfree attachments
  • Allows you good connection upto 30 feet or about 10 meters away from a compatible Bluetooth enabled phone.

The high points of this tiny gadget is that the headset syncs seamlessly to your compatible Bluetooth even at the distance of upto 30 feet, enabled phone and provides up to approximately 7.5 hours of extended talk time using the included portable charging base.

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