Nokia launches new Internet tablet with Google Talk

Espoo, Finland-based Nokia, unveiled a new version of its Internet tablet gadget which runs Google Talk communication software for voice and text chat.

nokia770aThe deal between Nokia and Google offers consumers the ability to chat with other users of instant messaging software via the Nokia Wi-Fi device, which relies on short-range wireless networks.

The Nokia 770 Internet tablet, introduced last year, offers wireless access to digital music and video, as well as access to e-mail.

The new version of the Nokia’s Internet tablet also has a full-screen finger keyboard. Rather than using cell-phone networks, the 770 device relies on unregulated local wireless connections.

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, introduced last year, offers wireless access to digital music and video playing on a high-contrast color screen, as well as to check e-mail, surf the Web and read computer documents or play video games.

Nokia 770 features:

  • Easy broadband access over Wi-Fi connection or connection via mobile phone.
  • A truly portable, elegantly-sized tablet designed for effortless Web browsing.
  • Handy for Internet communications, like calling and instant messaging.
  • Impressive hi-resolution widescreen display and intuitive interface.

The Nokia 770 is a rectangular, 5.5-inch by 3.1-inch device with a big color screen that is slightly bigger than a mobile phone. It has a retail list price of around $400 in the United States.


In contrast to phones, the Nokia 770 relies on unregulated local wireless connections rather than cell phone networks.

Google Talk, which allows users to chat via text or to talk with other instant message users, will be one of the featured applications on the Nokia Internet Tablet, a second source confirmed.

Ari Virtanen, of Nokia’s Multimedia division, said the device had been selling well since its launch last year.

“The first months have been very encouraging,” he told a news conference, adding that sales of the product had ramped up in November and sold out in the Christmas market.

“I cannot see any direct competition between these two business domains. Of course, they always overlap, but we do not see any direct competition,” he said.

The deal with Nokia marks Google’s latest move beyond PCs and into the mobile communications market. In the begining of this year Google announced a plan with Nokia’s biggest rival, Motorola Inc to feature Google search software on Motorola phones. Google rivals Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are also pushing to have their services featured on handsets. Yahoo is offered on several Nokia phone models.

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