Ricoh Introduces Caplio 500G Wide Digital Camera

Japanese camera manufacturer, Ricoh has recently introduced its newest Caplio, the 500G wide digital camera. The rugged 8-megapixel device boasts of high resistance to water, dust and shock letting photographers focus on the scene without worrying about damage.

ricoh-caplioNew Ricoh Caplio 500G Wide can withstand immersion in water to a meter and can take a drop from one meter as well. The “Wide” suffix to the camera’s title refers to its 28-85mm, 3x optical zoom lens that is relatively wide when compared with most compact models’ lenses. Its 28mm wide-angle zoom lens is said to capture larger areas than the 35mm lenses of conventional digital cameras. So when there is limited space to manoeuvre and you have a large area like some building to snap, this digital camera would come handy.

The Ricoh Caplio 500G Wide updates the 400G Wide that was launched over two years ago. The Caplio 500G is a barroudor and among his strong features are:

  1. Superior water and dust resistance plus shock resistance, making it ideal for hard outdoor use.
  2. New flash has an effective range of up to 10m.
  3. New antiblur function
  4. 28-85mm wide-zoom lens
  5. CALS mode and other features are ideal for electronic data in construction work
  6. Optical viewfinder and large 2.5 inch LCD monitor

ricoh-500g-2Built with reinforced glass shielding over its lens and Joints of tropicalizations strategically placed as body protectors, the 500G wide is saud to withstand drops from heights of up to 1 metre. Its water- and dust-proof covering allows shooting underwater to a depth of one metre, and also prevents small particles from entering the body. It can even function under -10° temperatures.

The large screen of 2,5 ” is treated with anti-reflecting coating for an optimal visualization in outdoor. The Lithium battery is also oversize to authorize several consecutive hours of photographs.

Ricoh 500G’s system of reduction of the blur of moved is not done by an optical system of stabilization but simply by pushing the sensitivity up to 1600 ISO what causes to increase the setting rate of sight and to thus reduce the chances of blur on the photograph. The ISO sensitivity ranges from 64-1600, helping the camera capture pictures in low light.

Besides its wide angle 3x optical zoom lens, the Ricoh 500G has an optical viewfinder, 2.5-inch LCD screen, and a built-in flash for its main components. The built-in flash is particularly powerful, reaching up to 10 meters 10 meters in wide angle mode and 6.5 meters in tele objective mode. But the flash in macro mode can only illuminate a subject close to 9 cm. If not, the macro mode makes it possible to approach up to 1 cm the subject.

All the buttons and rings of orders are enough large to be operated very easily, even while wearing gloves for example. Targeted to architects and all the building trades, the 500G Wide can rectify prospects.

The boxpack comes complete with USB and video cable, neck strap, software CD-ROM, rechargeable lithium ion battery and an instruction manual. When the camera is connected to the personal computer via a USB cable, it is recognized as an external storage device, so images in the camera can be transferred to the computer without using special software. Single-action transfer is also available from the special software.

Ricoh has been the leader in water and dust-resistant digital cameras since the launch of the Ricoh RDC-100G in July 1999, and the launch of the 500G consolidates our dominance in the field.

For more details on the Ricoh 500G camera that retails internationally at 750 dollars or INR 33,500 approx. please visit

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