iRiver Introduces D20 Dicple Alpha – a MP3 Player & Dictionary

iRiver recently launched iRiver D20, also called ‘Dicple’ a new portable device which is much more than just a digital music player.

iriverD20Besides supporting the playback of various formats such as MP3, OGG and WMA, the slightly bulky, 370 gms device is also an e-book reader, a picture viewer, supporting GIF, BMP and JPG picture formats, an electronic organiser and a very advanced electronic dictionary.

The Dicple Alpha comes equipped with a decent sized QWERTY keyboard, a 4.3-inch colour TFT screen (a generous 4.3″ 262k color LCD TFT), a builtin FM radio, pronunciation assistant, microphone, 24 different dictionaries and a multiple memory card reader.

The idea is to have a little bit of entertainment when you are catching up on e-books or learning foreign languages. Pretty cool. It also supports a wide array of memory cards, including MMC, RS-MMC, SD and MMC-Plus.

Measuring 176(W) x 81.9(D) x 26.7(H) (mm), the iRiver D20 Dicple weighs around 370 grams. The player can play all popular portable music formats including WMA, ASF and OGG file formats. It also includes a GIF/BMP/JPG image viewer plus a text viewer software which make use of 4.3″ 262k color LCD screen quite effectively. So why not hook it up to your ISP and grab some free e-books from Project Gutenberg.

For now, the iRiver D20 is available internationally for $375 ( Rs 16,500). You can get more details about this product at – iRiver Korea.

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  1. mine says:

    hi how where can i change the settings of my device to english and my ebooks are not being detected

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