Google Launches New Products

google-guysGoogle Inc. on 10 May 06, Wednesday has launched many new products in its ongoing duel with rivals Microsoft and Yahoo.

The company has added a new tool viz. Google Gadgets & Plug-ins to make it easier to share information through its online search engine and enabling users to download mini-applications, or “widgets,” designed to become fixtures on a computer screen.

Google Desktop has been updated. Its now called Google Desktop version 4. The improvements include a toolbox of so-called widget software that display snapshots of vital information, such as stock prices and weather, without needing Web browser. The widgets, which Google calls “gadgets,” show up as colorful icons on the computer desktop.

Google Trends

The new Google Trends lets users search information about people’s interests based on queries that have been submitted to the service in the past.

It promises to display which queries were popular on a particular date and which geographies are interested in particular subjects.

This tool is perceived to be very important for SEO/PR professionals and marketer worldwide as it enables gathering precious data (trends) on how people are searching for you (your products) and your competitors.

For example, try searching trends for keywords commonly used interchangably mp3, music, download and now you know how CLOSE are music and mp3 searches.

Interestingly, try searching web site, website and see how clearly it hints what most of the people in most of the regions spell Web site as.. obviously – as ‘website’ and not ‘web site’.

Google Co-op

“Google Co-op,” is a smart information-sharing feature, marking Google’s foray into “social search”, a niche that has been a Yahoo domination for years. ‘Google Co-op’ adds community expertise to your search results. Google even uses the most precious space marked for the top sponsored links for this feature.

With the ‘Google Co-op’, users with a personal Google login will be able to label, web pages so the information can be easily found by other visitors to such marked web pages, including friends, family and office co-workers.

The co-op feature also allows users to alert Google about their specific interests, like movies, restaurants and celebrity gossip, enabling Google display such information appears near the top of the results page whenever they make a relevant search request.

Any individual or organization can easily setup a Google Co-op profile to annotations, links and tags to topics. Google’s algorithms add this ‘meta information’ in your search results.

Google notebook

Google also indicated that it’s planning to introduce an brand new online Google notebook for its users to paste and save search engine results, which will be displayed as a vertical collapsable window in the right hand corner of a computer screen. Its widely believed that that the Google notebook product is built on Writely, a online word processor company which Google acquired earlier this year.

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